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 Earn Points, Feel the Thrill! 🌟:

Get ready to rock 'n' roll! Every time you place an order with us, you'll unlock the magic of our point system. For every order, you'll receive an exciting $10 store credit, credited right into your Vibe Geeks account. Cha-ching!

Rack 'em Up, Stack 'em Up! 💰:

Accumulate those points and feel the power! With each order, you'll earn a fantastic $10 store credit, and there's no limit on how high you can stack 'em! The more orders you place, the more credits you'll rack up – it's like a perpetual party! (Please read the spending rules for these points)

Spend Freely, Enjoy Fully! 💸:

Time to unleash your shopping spree! You can use your hard-earned store credit towards your next purchase on Vibe Geeks. Grab the coolest gadgets, funkiest gear, and most awesome stuff out there, all with your sweet store credits! Savings Redefined for you!

No Expiry, No Worries! 🕰️:

We're all about freedom here at Vibe Geeks! Your store credits have no expiry date, meaning you can let them chill in your account until you're ready to ignite the ultimate shopping extravaganza!

Combination Celebration! 🎉:

Mix it up and celebrate! You can combine your store credits with any ongoing discounts, promotions, or other fabulous deals and use up to $15 on every next order you place. Get the best of both worlds and dance your way to savings!

All Orders Eligible, No Exceptions! 🛍️:

Brace yourself, 'cause the good times apply to every single order. From quirky gadgets to practical gizmos, each order earns you that sweet $10 store credit.

Fort Knox Security 🔒:

Safety is our priority! Your store credits are locked and loaded, linked only to your one-of-a-kind Vibe Geeks account. Keep it safe like your favourite treasure map!

Eternal Party, Ever-Evolving Fun! 🌀:

We're on a never-ending quest for the coolest twists and turns. Our point system may evolve, but any store credits you've earned will remain safe and sound.

Vibe Geeks Spending Rules for Store Credit  Redemption

We're thrilled to introduce our brand-new spending rules for redeeming store credit at Vibe Geeks! Now, you can make the most of your hard-earned store credits while treating yourself to cool and unique products. Here's how it works:

1. Orders Between $30 to $50: Spend a maximum of $5 store credit on your purchase. Save and savour the rewards while adding amazing products to your cart!

2. Orders Between $51 to $100: Treat yourself a little more by using up to $10 store credit. Go ahead, and indulge in a fantastic shopping experience with extra savings!

3. Orders Above $100: Get ready for an epic shopping spree! Use a maximum of $15 store credit. It's the perfect time to grab all those must-have items you've had your eye on! Remember, the more you shop, the more store credits you earn by writing reviews for your purchases. To redeem your store credit, simply follow these steps at checkout:

Add awesome products to your cart.

Click on "Apply Store Credit" during checkout.

Select the amount of store credit you wish to use based on your order total.

Happy shopping, fellow Vibe Geeks! Unleash your creativity, discover fantastic products, and make every purchase memorable with our exciting spending rules for store credit redemption. If you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is here to help. Let's keep the vibes high and the fun flowing!

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